Friday, April 8, 2011

No Solicitors

I love owning a home. It's fun to have a space you can make your own, and DH loves doing home improvement tasks both big and small. We're both excited for spring to come so we can work on and hang out in the yard.

One thing that I absolutely hate about it, though, is the number of solicitors we get. This was never an issue when we were in an apartment, as random people (usually) couldn't get in to go door to door. Kids weren't even allowed to trick or treat on Halloween!

Well, now we are constantly getting people ringing our doorbell: raising money for school trips or charities, wanting to give us quotes for exterior painting (our house is brick), and politicians wanting our vote. It drives me nuts.

What's annoying is when some of these people come by. We've had people show up at 9:30pm on a Sunday night, or during dinner time. Even more annoying are the people who continue to ring the doorbell over and over again because they know we're home. Yeah, because that will make me want to give you money.

I also hate being put on the spot, especially about giving to charities. We give a good amount to charities every year: I make a monthly donation to the World Wildlife Fund, and we make larger donations to charities close to our hearts (such at the NICU Evan was in) throughout the year. I do not need a guilt trip about "not caring about our planet" because we don't want to give money to Green Peace when they bang at our door (seriously, this one girl wouldn't leave poor DH alone!). It's even worse than getting asked to donate $1 to cure an awful disease when paying for your groceries.

It's not like I can just hang-up on them like I can do with phone solicitors. Unfortunately, I'm too nice to slam the door in their faces. I am considering buying a "No Solicitors" sign, but I'm wondering if it would actually deter people.