Thursday, March 10, 2011


On March 1st, I decided to reduce my number of pumps from 4 to 3, officially starting the weaning process. Meaning that I'm pumping less to produce less milk on purpose.

It feels weird. I mean, for the last 4.5 months, my life has been about increasing and/or maintaining my milk supply. Now, all of a sudden I have to change my mindset and pretty much reverse all the hard work I have put in.

It's bitter sweet, to say the least.

I'm very excited to be done with it. It takes up at least 2 hours of my day, and for some reason I often need to pump at the most inopportune times (when I was pumping 4 times a day, I had to do it at 5:30 - making dinner later and eating into our evening). Also, it's getting harder and harder to pump while I'm alone with Evan because he's getting so active and is hard to entertain him for 30 minutes while attached to the pump.

That being said, I'm sad that I won't be giving Evan breast milk for very much longer. In fact, this week we've had to start supplementing with formula. We had given him some before, but that was more to make sure he would take it than anything. But, now it's a must, and we had to buy our first formula yesterday (we had some free samples before).

I'm not sure how long it will take me to wean. I plan on going down to two pumps on April 1st. At that point, I'll only be pumping in the morning before DH goes to work, and then before bed, so I might end up staying at two for a while since it will be relatively easy. That way, Evan can get at least some breast milk past 6 months.

So, I didn't really fulfill my resolution to pump exclusively until 6 months, but I will pump for sure until then and probably after. Nothing to feel guilty about!

It's funny how I can feel this way about something I hated doing for so long! I am proud of myself for sticking with it, even though it was/is a giant pain in the ass.