Saturday, March 19, 2011

5 Months

Anytime I ever heard someone talking about their baby being 5 months old, I thought that they were no longer really a newborn baby. Like, at that point, they are really developing their personality along with their physical abilities and becoming a little kid. So, how on earth is Evan 5 months old already?

- He's so good at playing with toys now, and he loves his exersaucer. He can hit and grab with accuracy - even something as small as my knitting needles (don't worry, I'm holding them at the time!).

- He had his first swimming lessons. He hasn't enjoyed it so far, but we're switching to a pool with warmer water, so hopefully that helps.

- He turns his head and looks at us when we say his name (also when we talk to him, but that's not as cool).

- He can roll to his side from both his back and tummy, and is thisclose to rolling over completely from back to tummy.

- He finally somewhat enjoys tummy time and is doing what he's supposed to (holding his head up instead of face-planting and screaming).

- His night-time sleeping is still awesome. He usually falls asleep around 7pm and sleeps until 6:30am or so. Sometimes he'll wake up in the evening, but only for a few minutes. Sometimes he'll wake up at 5am to do some exercising, but will fall back asleep on his own.

- That being said, he's in the fighting sleep stage during the day. I have to watch the clock pretty closely, because if he goes to long without a nap, he gets pretty nutso!

- His eyes are still blue - I wonder if they will ever change?