Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

DH and I, in our 4.5 years together, never really go all-out on Valentine's Day. We get each other a card, maybe a box of chocolates or a home-made coupon book, and have a nice dinner at home.

Each year I think to myself that maybe we should do more. But, then I realize that the way we celebrate is us: simple and low-key.

We're both fairly introverted, and that really works for us. We love hanging out in our house, just watching TV or movies, playing with Evan, talking over a home-made meal, or working on the house. I think that's why we've put so much time, money, and energy into making our home very comfortable - because we love spending time here!

I am so happy to have found someone who likes being at home just as much as I do. This year, we'll be doing it again. But, we have the wonderful pleasure of adding Evan to the mix!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!