Saturday, February 19, 2011

4 Months

Evan is 4 months old today! What's new this month:

- He can hold on to toys and actively plays with them now.

- He has great head control now, and is starting to work on sitting. When we put him in the corner of the couch, he'll bring himself forward so he's not resting completely on the arm. He does this if he's sitting in our laps too.

- He still hates tummy time. Every time we make him do it, he just squirms around, cries, and keeps his arms by his side. I'm sure he'd pound his fists on the ground if he could and/or knew what that meant. I don't think he'll ever learn to roll over or crawl because he hates it so much!

- He grew out of his bassinet and is now in his crib.

- He changed his bed time all on his own. He used to go to sleep for the night at about 10pm, now it's around 8pm.

- He sleeps until at least 5:30am, and sometimes even until 7:30am. If he wakes up on the earlier side of that range he'll go back to sleep for another couple of hours after eating.

- He looks at pictures in the books we read him.

- He likes to look at the cats, but doesn't try to do much with them (yet!).

- When we have play dates, he interacts with other babies! They'll look at each other, coo, and smile. It's so cute.

- Like everyone else around here, he's pretty tired of this whole winter thing.