Monday, January 3, 2011


I dropped my parents off at the airport early on New Year's Day. I think this was the first time since I moved to Winnipeg that I cried when we said goodbye. I guess having Evan has really made me realize how important family is.

It makes me sad that we live so far away from everyone: my parents are in Calgary, my brother is in Europe, and DH's family are out West too. We'll be lucky if Evan can see his family once a year.

That's the way I grew up as well. We would visit our grandmothers, who both lived in Saskatchewan, about once a year. I remember having a blast, but never felt really close to either of them. It breaks my heart that it could be the same for Evan. Luckily, my Mom's sister and her family also lived in Calgary, so we were always much closer. Maybe things like video chatting will help, but it's not the same.

I guess it's the way life goes though: children grow up and leave the nest. These days, a lot more of us are moving out of our home towns, even across the country, or across the globe. It broadens our horizons, opens more doors, and can be an adventure, but it also takes us away from our homes and families. It saddens me that, one day, Evan will do the same.

I think I'm feeling extra emotional about this because today is my first full day at home alone with Evan. How is it that a 10+ pound little baby can be so intimidating?! It would be nice if we had more people around to lean on. We don't have a huge support system here - no family at all.

If you live far from your family, how do you foster a close relationship for yourself and/or for your children?