Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday, DH, Evan, and I hit up the annual Lifestyle Home Show. This year, we actually went for a reason: to get a couple quotes for getting our roof done and getting a new bathroom put in on the main floor.

After we finished with that, DH walked around a bit more and I went to watch a show (a personal stylist was talking about how to dress for your body type). I took Evan with me, since it was pretty busy and kind of a pain in the ass to push a stroller around. He did really well for about 20 minutes - smiling, cooing, all that cute stuff. Then, within about 2 seconds, he went from smiling to pouting to screaming his head off.

This was the first time he really made any noise in public and, it saddens me to say, that I was embarrassed. I got up from my seat quickly, and walked around for a bit with him in the stroller to try and find DH and hoping it would calm Evan down. Nope. So, I stopped in a corridor and picked him up, rocked him, tried to give him his soother- that didn't do anything either. People were staring and I just felt awful! Thankfully one woman stopped and started telling me how cute Evan was and to enjoy this age (yup, while he was screaming!), so that made me feel a tiny bit better.

About five minutes later he was calm again (though it felt like hours) and we found DH. We decided to leave at that point, so DH carried Evan as we made our way back to the entrance. Of course, he was being a perfect angel and practically every woman we passed fell in love with him, but I still felt embarrassed.

I think the universe is getting me back for being so judgmental of parents/screaming children in my younger days. It makes me worry about when I take Evan to go visit his great grandmothers and my parents in May. I so do not want to be that person on the plane that everyone hates because my baby is screaming. I know I shouldn't care, but it's hard not too.