Sunday, December 19, 2010

2 Months

Evan is two months old today! What has happened in the last month?

- On his 1-month birthday, he had what we thought was a seizure and we took him to the ER. He ended up spending a week in the hospital, with us at his side the whole time. He underwent a barrage of tests (CT scan, Xray, MRI, EEG, EKG, ultrasound, spinal tap, blood/urine tests and more) and thankfully they found nothing wrong with him. Now we think he probably just breathed in a bit of spit-up into his lungs and it caused him to convulse for some reason. It hasn't happened since, and we hope it never happens again!

- He has started to become much more interested in his surroundings! He looks around at everything, and stares intently at things that catch his attention. He holds eye contact for what seems like forever, especially during feeding time.

- We have started using his play mat, and he loves it! He loves batting and grabbing at the toys, and looking at himself in the mirror.

- He's not a huge fan of tummy time because he gets frustrated so easily. He's already trying to roll over and can get up on to his side, but can't roll over the whole way. He also practices his crawling technique!

- He grabs at my hair, nose, and mouth. He also loves to grab DH's glasses and take them off his face! Not sure why he doesn't do that to anyone else that wears glasses...weird!

- He can hold his head up for a few seconds! It's so cool to see how strong he is getting.

- When he's awake he's really awake these days - wanting to play and interact. He tends to be very active in the morning and early afternoon, then sleeps a lot more in the evening.

- He can make a zillion different faces! It's hard to imagine what might be going on in that brain of his.

- He has been giving us these HUGE smiles in the past few days! He has been smiling for a while, but nothing like these! I haven't been able to catch one on camera though. Mostly because I'm too in awe when I see it.

- He has started to "coo" - making really cute noises. Mostly of the "heh", "ah", "wah", and "hoo" variety.

- He has started to respond to people! My Mom waved at him and said "Hi" and he made this cute "heh" noise and smiled right at her! Then, another time, DH asked him if he wet his diaper, and he made this pathetic little "hoo" sound, and gave a little pout-y face - like he was saying "It's not my fault, Dad!". So cute.

Can't wait to see what the next month will bring!