Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scared To Death

Last night was the worst night of our lives. At about 9:30pm, Evan spit up a rather large amount of milk (even though he ate about 2 hours earlier), and seconds later his eyes were rolling back, his body was stiff as a board, and he was convulsing. That lasted for about 5 seconds, and then he broke into this huge wail, and his body was still stiff. By the time we got to the hospital, he could move normally and was very sleepy.

We ended up taking him to the emergency room where we spent the night. He got a bunch of blood work done. They did a CT scan to rule out any bleeding or swelling of the brain (that came back normal, thank God). They also did a chest X-ray, and found some "streaking" which could be evidence for fluid in the lungs (that could be from him sucking in some of the spit up).

We got transferred to pediatrics at about 6am and have been there ever since. He has gotten more blood work done and they did a spinal tap on him this afternoon to check for infections. He will have to wait until Monday to get more tests done (EEG, ECG).

We are absolutely scared, upset, freaked out, etc. etc., right now. We'd like to stay with him in the hospital, but there is one chair that pulls out into a make-shift bed in the room so we're not sure what we'll do. I can't imagine leaving him alone though, and neither can DH. I'm starting to get really scared that this is going to be Evan's life - that he'll be in and out of the hospital for various things because he was born early. It breaks my heart just thinking about it.

Any positive thoughts or prayers you can send our way would be much appreciated.