Friday, November 19, 2010

One Month

It's hard to believe that Evan is one month old already. It's even more hard to believe that he should still be in my belly!! Here are some memories from his first month of life:

- He decided to come early, and quickly, into the world! Born 5 weeks early - on October 19th - the labor was 4 hours from me realizing my water broke to the midwives placing him on my stomach.

- Because he was born early, he had to go directly to the NICU after he was born. I only got to hold him for a few moments before he was whisked away for them to take his measurements in the next room. Luckily, DH went with him, and I could hear his sweet little cry so I knew he was alright.

- He spent 2 days in the NICU, another 2 days in the NPCU, then we spent 3 days with him in the hospital before we took him home a week after he was born. It was a very stressful week (at least for us parents), but now it seems like years ago.

- In the NPCU, he made eye contact with DH for the first time while feeding. We also gave him his first bath there, and he started to smile. Well, as a reflex, anyway ;)

- During our stay at the hospital with him, he decided enough was enough and ripped out his feeding tube all by himself!

- Breast feeding has been a very big challenge. Right now I am exclusively pumping and feeding him breast milk from bottles. At first this was very difficult for me, because I was so set on breast feeding, but I'm coming to terms with things and relaxing a bit more about it all.

- He is a lot more alert than in the early few days. He opens his eyes wide, taking in the world. I often wonder what he sees or what he is thinking.

- Evan has found his voice - and what a voice! He likes getting our attention, especially if we don't give it to him right away.

- He looks like a total angel when he sleeps.

- One of my favorite things to do is sleep with him on my chest. It's relaxing for both of us.

- He likes sucking on our fingers to calm himself down.

- He has started to grab things when we hold him, like our shirts, my hair, or DH's chest hair - ouch!

- We *think* he has started to smile at us for real (at least he's awake and looking at us when he does it now).

- He looks absolutely hilarious when we try to burp him. He just gets this grumpy look on his face, and he constantly looks up at us, like he's saying "Alright - are you done already?".

- The cats have been so good during this whole thing! When Evan cries, Isaac gets concerned and sits near him until one of us soothes him. Isaac still sleeps with us all night every night. Izzie hasn't been nearly as interested, but we make sure she gets her petting time in.

- It has been amazing to see DH with him. He's definitely a great dad. He's also a great husband for putting up with my crazy hormones! I'm so thankful he was able to take a decent chunk of time off (7 weeks), but wish it could be more.

It has been a crazy month, with lots of ups and downs. We can't wait to see what the next month has in store!