Friday, October 15, 2010

Update to "B.Ed?"

Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post. I did respond to everyone, but wanted to write a separate update here as well because many of the comments were based around a couple similar themes. There is also some new information regarding the outreach position.

1. If I don't accept, can I defer or re-apply?
As far as I know, I could not defer my acceptance until 2012. A friend of mine emailed me yesterday about the second issue (she is also applying to B.Ed. programs, but not here), and said re-applying after declining might very well hurt my chances. Something to think about for sure.

2. Daycare for Baby G
It's not putting Baby G in to daycare that I am worried about - he will be going if I attend this program or if I get a job (and, at this point, it will be one or the other). It's the cost of daycare that I am more worried about (because if I go back to school, we will be living on one income).

3. Future Job Security/Family Life
Even though the job prospects right after getting the B.Ed. may not be ideal, once I get a teaching position it would be pretty secure. Also, being a teacher means I would get the same holidays/time off as our child(ren), which is good for our family. These points are definitely something to think about. The program is only 8 months long, but the long-term benefits could be really great.

4. Flipping the Coin :)
I love EGF's advice! The problem is I would love to do both sides of the coin (do the B.Ed. and take the outreach job).

5. Waiting
The friend who emailed me also made another great point - it would be easier to go back to school once the kid(s) are older. Daycare is less expensive for older children, and of course they start school these days at the age of 4 (or younger?). This would give me the opportunity to try out the outreach position to see if I really like it, while not hurting my chances of getting in to the program and saving up money so going back to school wouldn't be such a kick to the pocketbook.

New information: I received an email yesterday from the professor who is applying for funding for the potential outreach position: he has received official word that the money is coming through!

What does that mean for me? Well, the outreach position is pretty much (99%) guaranteed to exist next spring. However, even though the people involved have said they would like me to take on the position, there is nothing in writing --- and there won't be for some months, I'd imagine.

What it comes down to: the outreach position is pretty much guaranteed, but not quite. If I have the choice between taking the job and going back to school for a B.Ed., at this point I would take the job. BUT, the position is not 100% guaranteed - should I still apply for the B.Ed. program?