Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well - Tuesday certainly turned into an interesting day!

At about 2pm I felt this gush of fluid, and by 6pm Evan Michael was born!!! It went crazy fast - I called DH and my midwife at about 2:30. DH came home, packed a bag for me, and we met my midwife at the hospital by 3:30. They did a bunch of checks, and sure enough I was in labor. By the time the on-call OB checked me (I don't remember what time) I was 8cm!! They asked if I wanted an epidural, but I figured if I got through to that point without one, then I'll just go for the glory. That was the only interaction I had with the OB.

Let me be frank - labor SUCKED!! It was excruciating, and pushing was really really difficult. But, I didn't have the choice and just kept plugging away. I think I must have said (and by said, I mean screamed at the top of my lungs) "I can't do this anymore!!" and "I just want him out!!" about 1000 times! But, I did it, and he came within 4 hours of my water breaking.

He weighs 6 lbs 9 oz (2980 grams), and he looks to be doing alright for the most part. He had some initial problems breathing and his glucose levels were low, so he was put in the NICU. However, his breathing is great now and his sugar levels are getting better. We don't know right now how long he will need to be in the NICU. Will keep everyone posted on that.

Phew!! What a frickin' crazy day!

So, let's see - for the pool I'll take all the entries that are in there as of right now (11:30am Eastern Time on Oct. 20th). That means the winners are:

Birth date: October 19th - closest guess was RB with November 11th!!

Weight: 6 pounds 9 ounces (2980 grams) - closest was Nicole with 7 pounds 4 ounces!!

Length of labor: 4 hours - closest was RB again with 3 hours!!

Congrats to the winners (and I'm sure thankful some of you lost with your huge weight and long labor estimates)! Please email me at mrscomethunter "at" rogers "dot" com to claim your prize (of course, it might take a while before we're settled over here to get it all done, but you will be getting them!).