Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Update

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement! I love my readers :)

Evan is still in the hospital, but he is doing really well! He was taken out of the NICU on Wednesday night, and put in what they call the NPCU (basically a step down nursery for healthier babies). His glucose levels evened out, so he is being fed either by breast milk (either directly from me or a bottle), or formula - no IV.

He has a bit of jaundice, so they've been using lights to treat that. He was under the lights last night and the night before, but hasn't been under them during the day. We're hoping his levels stay down now, but it's a waiting game.

The biggest reason he's still in the hospital is because he's young and can sometimes have trouble feeding. He gets tired and falls asleep (which is so cute, but of course we'd rather have him eating enough!). So, we just need to get that to be consistent and then he'll be closer to coming home with us.

Emotionally, it's been a roller coaster for us. It's hard because we weren't expecting him to come early (of course), so weren't really prepared for him to have to stay in the hospital. Another reason it's hard is because he's such a big boy, so it's difficult to keep in mind that he came 5 weeks early and needs to develop more. Leaving him at night to come home is really sad, but we know it's for the best that he stays where he is right now.

Will post another update soon!