Friday, September 10, 2010

True (?) Happiness

For some reason, lately I've been doing a lot of self-help related reading. I read through the Living Oprah blog, and have been reading a couple books about handling confrontation, worry, etc.. As I've been reading, I have started to wonder if this kind of thing really helps. Does the advice really make us better, more well-rounded people? Or does it just make us question the way we do things and make us feel worse about ourselves?

In the same theme, have you noticed that there is a very concentrated focus in our society on finding "true" happiness, finding "our calling", living our best life, etc.? What does that even mean?

I like my life. I have hobbies I enjoy (knitting, reading, writing, cooking). I love my house, and spending time at home. I have a great husband who I get to share my life with. But, sometimes I catch myself wondering if it's all enough. Could I be happier? Should I be doing more to have a better, more fulfilling life? Should I be traveling the world out of a backpack, going white-water rafting, practicing yoga, meditating, making hand-crafted greeting cards, or donating all my time to a worthy charity?

Is it me, or does all this pressure just make us feel worse about our lives? At what point do we just enjoy what we have instead of trying to make ourselves, or our lives, better (and "better" according to who?)? Do we really need a push to find true happiness, or is all this stuff just a bunch of crap creating more stress in our lives?