Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday, Yummy Sunday

For some reason this weekend I was really motivated to cook some more adventurous meals. As we were planning our menu for the week, DH suggested we try making a beef dip (my all time favorite sandwich that I must get if I see it on a restaurant menu). I was intrigued and found a highly rated recipe to try. Then, as we were grocery shopping on Saturday, I had a flash back to this amazing crepe place in Montreal, and wanted to recreate the meal too. I also had a strange craving for cherry Jell-O.

Needless to say, Sunday was a day of good eatin':

Fig. 1: Crepes stuffed with granny smith apples dusted with cinnamon, brie, and topped with maple syrup. Crepe recipe from allrecipes.com, stuffing was recreated from memory.

Fig. 2: Homemade beef dip sandwich (made in the slow cooker), served with fries and au jus for dipping. Recipe from allrecipes.com.

Fig. 3: Jell-O cake (layers of graham crackers, cherry Jell-O and whipped cream). Recipe from my Mom.