Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Impediment to Progress

There has been a lot of shit going down lately around the observatory program I'm trying to create. Without getting into any details (and boy, I'd love to write a big rant post about all this shit), basically there is one character whose seemingly only life goal is to impede the progress of this program using any means necessary. Let's call them ItP for Impeder to Progress.

ItP has made my life (or at least my time spent on this program - which is work that I do not get paid for) absolute hell. They are around every corner, just waiting to hit me over the head with some "rule" that didn't exist yesterday, or some other demand that must be met in order for me to move forward. I've jumped through about a million hoops for ItP, and it still isn't enough.

Now, dealing with one person might not be so bad, but since ItP is more senior than me, their behavior and attitude is starting to wear off on other people - people that have some power when it comes to making decisions about the future of the observatory. In the battle of ItP-said/Alyssa-said, they automatically win because of their position.

I don't get it. I'm trying to do something good here!! The department will benefit, the university will benefit, the city will benefit, even the whole region will benefit! Why, God, why, is ItP trying to stop the progress at all costs? They have no long-term investment in the observatory! Apparently they'd rather see it close down and be "moth-balled" instead of used to educate the public about astronomy and science in general.

If this shit doesn't change soon, I'm going to drop the whole damn thing and just let the observatory go blind. Kudos, ItP, kudos. You may get what you wish for.