Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As Baby G's arrival comes closer, I am starting to think about maternity leave more. As of right now, I don't have an official job to go back too. However, there are a couple things in the works that will hopefully change that:

First, the observatory thing - if we can convince the university VIPs to keep the observatory open after December 31st, someone will need to start organizing events, applying for funding, etc.. This is something I feel very excited and passionate about, and has been a pet project of mine for the last year. So, I feel very attached to it, and would love to see the program flourish. The question is, how much time can I dedicate to it after Baby G arrives? Is it something that I can keep my fingers in a bit to begin with and then jump back in with both feet at some time in the future? Or would I need to basically forget about taking more time off if we get the go-ahead?

Second, there is a potential for a different type of outreach position to receive funding in the next while. If the funding comes through, I have basically been offered the job (if I want it) and that they would be flexible with a start date. If the observatory thing is also approved, I could incorporate the duties associated with that into this job. The question here would be when would I like to go back to work? Would I like to go back part-time for a bit first, or go full-time right away?

Now, obviously both of these "problems" are completely up in the air right now. Who knows - maybe the university will tell me to screw off about the observatory and maybe the funding won't come through for the position. But, I'm a planner, so here I am.

It's not like I'm stressing out about this right now either - just thinking, really. My decision on when to go back (if I have something to go back to) will depend a lot on how I feel after Baby G arrives, which is not something I can even fathom at this point. Maybe I'll love being at home so much I won't ever want to go back to work, no matter how passionate I am about it now. Or maybe after 3 weeks I'll want to shoot myself, and be begging to go back. Most likely somewhere in between, but time will tell.