Tuesday, August 3, 2010

24 Weeks

Today Baby G hits the all-important 24-week mark. Why is this particular week so important? He is now considered “viable” - if Baby G was born today, he would have a good chance of living. Of course, we’d much rather he “bake” much longer!

This weekend we started buying some of the little, everyday, but necessary things for his arrival: a bathtub, some toiletries, diapers, receiving blankets, towels, wash cloths, etc.. We also bought a nightstand to put beside the glider in the nursery, and a couple more books (we have a feeling Baby G will have a huge library by the time he turns 1!).

There sure is a lot of stuff to buy! Even though we really only have the small things left, they sure add up! So, we’ll be spreading out the purchases over the next 3 months and hopefully get everything in time.

I’ve also decided on a knitting project for the nursery: I’m going to knit squares with the letters of his name and make a wall-hanging (we do have a name, we’re just not telling anyone – not even our parents – until Baby G is born). You can get the free patterns here if you’re interested.

Here is the baby bump at 23 1/2 weeks: