Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sell or Not?

I keep going back and forth on whether I should sell my car and get a new one before Baby G arrives.

Okay - that's not entirely true. I really want to get a new car. I guess I just feel guilty about it since my car works fine.

Here's the deal. My current car is a 2003 2-door Sunfire with a manual transmission. If we were to get a new car, it would most likely be an automatic Toyota Matrix that's a couple years old.

Pros of getting a new car:
- it will have four doors, which means easier access to Baby G in the car-seat
- more room in general, and the hatchback would be an extra bonus when we need to pick-up or drop-off bigger things
- less chance of large maintenance costs (my car is 7 years old, and is starting to make some funny noises)
- automatic transmission will be easier to drive in the city (and just in general)
- automatic windows, door locks, key-less entry, etc. will make my life easier
- will be even better on gas than my current car
- will be great if/when we have more than one child

Pros of keeping my current car:
- no monthly payments!!
- umm....no monthly payments?

Alright, the pro list for keeping my current car is short, but that one pro is very, very big...especially since my salary will be reduced while on parental leave. Although, I should note that we can afford the payments of a new car - it would just mean we wouldn't be able to put as much into savings while I'm on leave.

So, do we sell the current car now and get the new one before Baby G arrives (and reap all the benefits listed above) or suck it up and keep the Sunfire until I go back to work? For the parents out there - anyone done the newborn thing with a 2-door? If so, would you recommend it?