Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting Update

So, we had another painter come today to fix what the last guy screwed up. He came and was gone within a couple hours.

He was SO great, and did a nice job. He even fixed our window! YAY!

He told us a few things about the first painter. He gets paid by the job, not by the hour, so it's hard to get him to do anything extra (like a third coat or doing more than one coat on the trim, for example). He also said he's had to fix his mistakes before --- so the company totally lied to us (they said they'd never had any problems/complaints about the guy).

Another interesting thing, apparently the first guy's wife, who was helping him paint our house, does not work for the company - she just helps him out. I wonder what would have happened if she was injured on the job? The painting company is insured, but I'm guessing only for their employees. Not cool.

Anyway, we're happy it's done, and we didn't have to pay for the guy today. Now all we have to do is a few touch ups in the nursery and all the interior painting will be done!