Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well, the last room left to paint was the nursery and we finished it this week! We went with a farm animal theme, pretty much because we bought this super cute stuffed cow back in November when we found out I was pregnant the first time around:

Fig. 1: Cute-ass cow.

Before we painted, the room kept in theme with the rest of the house: the nursery was painted brown - including the ceiling - giving it a nice cardboard box feel.

Fig. 2: The nursery before.

We decided to go with a two-tone wall: lighter green on the top and darker on the bottom. We were going to do a chair rail in between, but when we tried to install it the walls were so warped that it didn't look too good. So, we opted for a wallpaper boarder instead. Here is what we have so far:

Fig. 3: The nursery after. Don't worry - those stuffed animals won't be staying in the crib! They'll be out of there once we install a shelf above the dresser.

Fig. 4: A close-up of the boarder.

We still have some final touches to do on the room itself, let alone getting everything else needed for Baby G. But, we still have 4 months - that's enough time, right? Right?