Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August Scientiae: Time Capsule

I am hosting this month's Scientiae. Since summer is a great time "check in" on one's life, I thought it might be nice to look back on a previous time capsule (May 2009 Scientiae), and think about what's in store for the next year.

Here is what I wrote over a year ago (with some comments in bold):

What I'm doing right now
- finishing up my analysis for project #3 so I can finally write my thesis (definitely done!)
- heading into the last week of my astronomy outreach program (it was sad to hand it over, but I've been lucky to start some new outreach projects)
- looking to hire someone to take my place in my other outreach program (that was done shortly after)
- preparing for our trip to South America (No matter how much we prepared, the trip went beyond all our expectations - including me getting my passport stolen!)

What will happen in the next 6 months
- finish my thesis, submit and defend - all by the end of September (done, done, and done - all ahead of schedule, by August 1st!)
- trip to South America in August (this became my reward for finishing my thesis early! Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about all that stuff while traveling.)
- get the ball rolling on moving (or possibly moving!) (Or not moving! We ended up staying right here when DH got a permanent job as a research scientist)
- start looking at job possibilities once we know where we will move (Once DH took the job, I started looking into jobs, and am now working as a post-doc in the Earth Sciences department)
- thinking seriously about starting a family (Check! We started "trying" in September, 2009, went through a miscarriage, and am now expecting #1 in November)

What I think life will be like in a year from now
- settled in our new city (well, kind of check, since we never moved!)
- looking for/buying a house (we bought a house in February and moved in at the end of April!)
- having a new job in science outreach and/or education (not quite yet, but there is a strong possibility of one coming up soon)
- being pregnant!! (it's TRUE!!! Due in November!)
- shopping for a new car (we're doing that this month, in fact!)

So, I think I did pretty well with my predictions! Let's see how I do this time:

What's going on now
- trying to set up an education & outreach program for the observatory
- working on an insurance project for my post-doc
- preparing for Baby G's arrival in November
- trying to hammer down a job for when I return after maternity leave
- knitting a tote bag

What will happen in the next six months
- buy a new car in August/September
- run two more outreach events (another open house and an event for the International Observe the Moon Night)
- finish off projects for my post-doc before I go on maternity leave
- finally submit MSc paper #2
- do a good chunk research on physics/astronomy education in Canada for a collaborative paper
- finish knitting that tote
- Baby G comes in November
- Have my parents visit at Christmas, and DH's parents visit shortly after
- Maybe visit my parents in Arizona in the new year with Baby G

What I think life will be like in a year from now
- have an education/outreach job lined up for when I return from maternity leave (earliest start date would probably be May 1st)
- have an education & outreach program up and running for the observatory
- have a wonderful first summer with Baby G and enjoying each little milestone he hits
- go to Montreal with DH and Baby G (our first trip as a family)
- have some more renovations/projects done on the house (maybe a deck in the backyard and a second bathroom)

This will be another year of BIG changes for us! I am especially looking forward to Baby G's arrival and getting out of research and into education & outreach.