Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A conversation with an older, male-er colleague yesterday:

Him: I'm hoping to test this piece of equipment in the next couple of weeks.

Me: Well, keep me posted, because if you test it when I'm back from vacation I'd like to come by and check it out.

Him: Oh, right. You're on vacation...(looks at pregnant belly)...and then you'll be going on vacation again in a few months.

Me: ummmmm...?

Him: I don't know what to do with you girls*...getting pregnant and taking time off. It's sure hard to keep you girls around.

Sigh. Yeah, us pregnant chicks really screw up the system...taking our "vacation" time whenever we pop out some kid. Sorry about that.

* There is another woman in the department who took a whopping 4 months** off after giving birth to her first child.
** In Canada, you can take up to a year parental leave with benefits.