Saturday, June 26, 2010


We had the majority of the interior of the house painted this week. After the annoyance of painting our room and the guest room, we just had painters come in and do it. The only room we have left now is the nursery, which we will do once we know Baby G's gender.

Here are some before and after shots. We are in the process of adding all the finishing touches, but these give a good idea of the paint colors.

Fig. 1: The living room before was a light tan color. The ceiling was, of course, painted the same color.

Fig. 2: The living room after. The yellow certainly warms the room, and the white on the ceiling makes the room feel larger.

Fig. 3: The dining room before. That red stripe is lovely, isn't it? Apparently the woman who lived here before didn't like straight lines, and it shows. They attempted to put it on straight, but instead of using tape, they drew a line in pencil to guide them. It didn't work.

Fig. 4: We stayed with stripes, but in a more traditional way. The light yellow is the same as in the living room, while the other is a 1/2 tone darker.

Fig. 5: The foyer and main stairwell before. Again, the blue was on the ceiling as well.

Fig. 6: Foyer and stairwell after. The yellow is the same as in the living room, and the ceiling is white now.

Fig. 7: Office before. They tried to do some sort of faux finish, and the same on the ceiling of course!

Fig. 8: The office after. All I can say is "ahhhhh".