Saturday, June 19, 2010


Our kitchen is now "officially" done, although it was really finished about a week ago (a couple of very small things had to be completed this week). So, without further adieu - here are the before and after shots! (Note: we did not do this renovation ourselves)


Fig.1: Isn't that orange wonderful? It's on the ceiling too!! The green of the counter top really goes well with it too, don't you think?

Fig. 2: (sorry for the darkness) A look at the extensive cabinet system. I believe they are original (okay, I don't actually know that, but they look like they could be).

Fig. 3: The dark door on the far left is a large pantry that we decided to keep. Gotta love that totally useless space by the door too.


Fig. 4: Bye-bye orange and green! Hello to huge upper cabinets, a gorgeous granite counter, and a level floor!

Fig. 5: Bye-bye, useless space! Hello to an over-the-range microwave, a dishwasher, and a sink actually centered under the window!

Fig. 6: This may seem random, but I had to take a photo of my most favorite decorative items we've bought so far: the giant fork and spoon!! How fun are they?

All in all, it took about 6.5 weeks to get it all done. It seemed longer during the process though, and poor DH had to put up with multiple break-downs of me saying things like "This is never...sniff...gulp...going to get done!!!!" and "All. I. Want... is running water in the frickin' kitchen!!". But, we made it through, and we absolutely love the end result!

Next up: painters will be coming to do our living room, dining room, front foyer, staircase, and office!