Friday, June 4, 2010

Conference #2

I’m on my way back from the second conference in two weeks, and so glad to be home soon. This was probably the worst conference experience I have ever had. Not because the science was bad or boring, but because I felt pretty much awful the whole time.

We drove from London to Ottawa – it took about 8 hours. That wasn’t too much fun, and of course I didn’t eat as well as I should have. By the time we got to the conference hotel, figured out how to navigate all the one-way streets, and how to drop off the rental van, it was time to go to the “ice breaker” session. We figured there would be food there for me to eat (since it was advertised and all)…and there was: some fruit, cheese, and crackers. Not exactly my idea of a full fledged dinner. I was feeling a bit nauseous, so I went back to the room and ended up having some cereal (which I was smart enough to bring with me).

The next day was actually a good one. I went to the morning sessions and even paid attention to a couple talks (well, mostly). Then I took a bus tour of the city in the afternoon and had dinner with a couple friends that now live in Ottawa.

That may have been too much excitement for Baby G though, because the next day was pretty much a write-off. I woke up feeling “off” and it just got worse from there. I ended up staying in bed, alternating between sleeping and watching TV, until 5pm. At that point I forced myself to get up and got something small to eat, but stayed in bed until I went to sleep again for the night.

Thursday was not as bad, but I almost fainted in the lobby while working on my laptop. Our midwife told me that dizziness/feeling faint is common in the 2T, but I didn’t realize that it would come on so fast. My guess is that my lower blood pressure (which is normally low) coupled with crappy “travel eating” didn’t help the situation either. I went to the room and rested for a bit and felt fine the rest of the day. I ended up going to the teacher sessions (meant for K-12 teachers) and it was very interesting. We also had the banquet that night, and the food was awful (as expected).

This morning I didn’t attend any of the conference and instead took my time getting ready and rested up for the long (9 hour) train ride home. I was okay until I got off the train in Toronto and had to get some “food” (yay for the choices of Harvey's, McD's, and other various crap). I now feel ill, and everyone around me on the train has the most disgusting smelling food ever.

Conferences make me cranky generally, but this one took the cake. I think I would have been much better off staying at home. I am so incredibly happy that I have no major travel plans for the foreseeable future!!