Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Small Changes

Well, we've been in our house for just about a month and things are slowly coming along.

The kitchen was initially going very quickly - the electrical, plumbing, mud & tape, and flooring all got done within a couple of weeks. Then we had the cabinets installed and things are kind of at a stand still now that we are waiting for our granite counter top to come in. The projected install date isn't until June 2nd! So, we will have a temporary counter so the appliances can be installed and we can actually use the kitchen. I will post before & after photos once it's done.

We've also managed to paint a couple rooms. We started with the guest room. Mostly because we wanted to "test" our skills on a not-so-important room, but also because it was the ugliest room in the house. Case in point:

Fig. 1: Bubblegum ice cream, anyone (which actually is one
of my favorite flavors - just not on a wall)?

But, I think we've rectified the situation rather nicely:

Fig. 2: A nice way to do orange (not like what our
kitchen looked like - oh, stay tuned for that!).

Next up was the master bedroom. Again, the previous owners didn't have such great taste in colors. This one was a dark brown with greenish undertones. To top it all off, they painted the ceiling the same color, so the room felt very enclosed.

Fig. 3: Like living in a cardboard box (ignore that green
square -
that was me testing out some wild colors).

Again, we went for a more pleasing color. This one is called "grasslands", and it's very calming and serene.

Fig. 3: ahhhhhhh....don't you just feel more calm?

Next up will probably be the living room and dining room. But, I think we're going to hire someone to do that (as well as the foyer/stairwell). It's just way too much of a pain in the ass for us to deal with, especially if someone can come in and do it faster and better.