Sunday, May 30, 2010

June Scientiae: Celebration!

Rocket Scientista wants us to have a party this month!

Something we probably don’t do enough is celebrate our successes. I know I am definitely guilty of this – dwelling on the negatives in life instead of the positives.

So, what is something that deserves to be celebrated in my lives these days?

Well, I’m going to fully admit that I have a lot to celebrate right now: from the new house, to Baby G returning to us, to the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Even though I’m not particularly happy with the career aspect of my life right now, everything else is pretty good…well, really good…actually extremely good – good enough for me to start worrying about when the other shoe will drop!

So, my celebration will not be work/career/research related whatsoever, since that is, in fact, the only part of my life not going the way I’d like right now.

I want to celebrate, instead, my personal successes – things that I have been hoping and dreaming about for the past few years.

For the last three years, DH and I have been looking forward to finally settling down. We both had grown tired of the nomadic lifestyle of the academic. DH wanted to find a permanent position in industry so we could buy a house and start a family.

Well, after looking at locations around the world (Germany, England, California, NE US), he found such a position in October right here in London. It was surprising – we never really saw ourselves settling here. But, after considering our options and factors like cost of living, quality of life, etc., London was looking better and better. So, he took a full time research scientist position with the same group he did his post-doc with. It’s perfect for him – all research and no teaching!

At about the same time, we started trying for our first child. We got pregnant rather quickly, but it ended tragically with a miscarriage in mid-December. But, just two months later, I was pregnant again, and it looks like Baby G is here to stay. I am almost 15 weeks along and, come November, I will be adding a new title to my name: Mommy!

At about the same time I found out I was pregnant for the second time, we bought a house! We moved in at the end of April and have been undergoing renovations big & small (complete kitchen renovation, painting, etc.). We’ve been spending time in our yard, and going for walks in our gorgeous neighborhood.

Needless to say, the last few months have been extremely exciting! All of a sudden we went from living the grad student life to having permanent jobs (okay, one of us does), owning a house, and expecting a child. We have finally rounded the first bend on The Game of Life, and we’re going at a pretty good clip too.

The next year will bring some big changes in our lives, but right now, let’s take the time and celebrate where we are. After-all, we waited three years to get here, let’s take advantage!