Monday, May 24, 2010

Conference Season

I'm leaving tomorrow for the annual CASCA (Canadian Astronomical Society) conference. This year it is being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which I'm pretty stoked about. It's a gorgeous area. DH and I were planning on doing a 2-week tour of the maritime provinces this year, but that's out with the house and such. So, it will be nice to get to see at least part of the area.

I'm also excited about it because it's a great opportunity to catch up with other Canadian astronomers, especially those that went through grad school at the same time. I guess we could be called a "cohort". It's cool seeing where everyone is now, and what they're up too.

I'll be giving two talks - and thankfully the organizers were wise enough to schedule them during parallel sessions! So, I'll have to give one talk (about the outreach program I'm trying to put together) then head to the other room and give the other (on the final results of one of my projects from my PhD and subsequent short post-doc). Should be okay though, as long as the timing works out!

The next week I'll be heading to Ottawa for my first Earth Science conference. This will be another Canadian group (a joint conference between the CGU - Canadian Geophysical Union - and CMOS - Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society), but this conference is much larger. There are less than 200 participants signed up for the CASCA conference - there will probably be over 3000 at CGU. There are 12 parallel sessions, compared to 2 at CASCA. This will be the biggest conference I have ever attended.

I will know absolutely no one at the CGU conference (except my co-workers, of course) and there will be very few sessions that I will a) be interested in, and/or b) understand. But, it is my first visit to our nation's capital, so I plan to take advantage of that (I have even booked a bus tour already).

I'm thinking I will have very different experiences over the next couple of weeks!