Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, we are home owners now!

We got the call from our lawyer yesterday around noon that everything had gone through, the deal was closed, and we could pick up the keys. So, we left work early, grabbed the keys, and went straight over to the house...and proceeded to get completely overwhelmed.

We walked through the backyard (so much work needed!) and every room (look at that crack! the toilet is wobbly! this room has to be painted too!), and felt like running out the door! We went to Subway, grabbed lunch, and went back to the safety of our apartment.

But, after I had a much needed nap, and DH packed some stuff into the car, we headed back. We set up lawn chairs in the living room and ordered Indian food. We ate our first meal in our new house, and were finally able to relax. We are feeling much better about things, and have to keep reminding ourselves to take it one step at a time - one project at a time - and that the house will become a home in no time.

Fig. 1: Mmmm....chicken korma!