Monday, April 19, 2010

One Day to Go

Sorry I've been kind of quiet lately. Things are exciting for us these days, but I'm sure they would bore the crap out of my readers!

Anyway, today we met with our lawyer and gave him our down-payment for the house. Then, the lawyers and banks do their thing tomorrow, and we will get our keys sometime in the afternoon! DH and I have decided that we'll take a couple of lawn chairs over there, grab some take-out, and celebrate being home owners in a not-so-grand, but still fun, fashion.

This weekend we bought a lot of "must-haves" for the house: BBQ, lawn mower, garbage can, recycling bin, broom, rake, ladder, etc.. I know all this stuff sounds excruciatingly boring, but we were so excited!! Especially for the BBQ and lawn mower.

We're pretty much all packed up now, except for stuff we're still using. The cats are having a field day with all the boxes piled up - it's like their own personal jungle gym! We are excited to watch their reaction to the house, especially with the hardwood floors, all those rooms, and stairs! I'm sure it will take them a good week or so to explore every nook and cranny before finally settling down.

Even though we take possession tomorrow, we won't be fully moved in until the weekend. Each day this week we'll take some of our more fragile/important items over ourselves. Then we'll get the movers to do the rest on Saturday. This time next week we'll be living in our first home, and the kitchen renovations will begin!