Friday, April 2, 2010

"Do you think you could beat the boys?"

The other day, DH and I watched a news story about a local chess tournament. The report was centered on a grade 7 girl, who has won in her grade level five years in a row.

The story started out well - they reported how the ratio is now 60% male, 40% female, while only a few years ago it was 90% male. Great news!

Then it all went downhill.

They were interviewing a grade 7 boy, and asked him if they (the boys) were intimated by the girls. He said, "Well no, because they're in a different division".


A different division?

Why the hell do they have a different division for girls and boys? It's chess, people! It's not like they're wrestling or something! Seriously?

The reporter then interviewed the girl who has won 5 years in a row, asking "Do you think you can beat the boys?" Thankfully, she knows what's up, and said of course she could!

If only they would let her!