Wednesday, April 7, 2010

< 2 Weeks

We are taking possession of our house in less than two weeks! We're going to start moving our stuff over starting on the 20th, and then movers are coming on the 24th to move all the furniture and boxes. We're also getting all our new furniture delivered on the 23rd, and then the kitchen renovation will start right away - on the 26th!

As we get closer to the possession date, we're getting more and more nervous. I mean, buying a house is a big deal! There are so many things to think about, from finances to renovations, from how are we going to eat for the two months during the kitchen reno to how the heck do we take care of the yard??

It all seems very overwhelming right now. There is so much we want to do to the house! But, I think we really need to just take it one project at a time, and realize we don't need to do everything right away. The kitchen will be the first big project. During that, we'll probably do some painting and other small things. Then we can think about adding a bathroom on the main floor, putting a gas fireplace in, getting the gutters replaced, etc..

I'm sure, though, that there is a ton of stuff that we haven't even thought about that will come up. Random things we will have to buy because we'll be in a house now.

Any tips for first-time home owners? What are some of the surprises that might come up? Is home-ownership all that it's cracked up to be?