Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need a game plan

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that research is not my intended career path - outreach and education is. Ever since I started my post-doc, I've been feeling like I'm back on the wrong path again...or at least moving away from my intended path.

I need a plan to get back on track in seeking out a career in education and outreach.

I am:
- heading up a steering committee for the observatory project I hope to get off the ground.
- attending weekly outreach meetings to keep myself in the loop.
- keeping in contact with a PI that might be granted funding for an outreach program (including a full-time position).
- keeping an eye out for any job postings that might be of interest.

and I can:
- volunteer for more outreach events, just to get my "fix".
- put together some applications for funding the observatory program (this is already in the works, but I could do more).

I've also been looking into...perhaps...doing more schooling. By this I mean either doing a year of teacher's college so I could teach K-12, or do a masters in education. However, the deadlines for both of these programs have passed for a September 2010 start, so I wouldn't be able to apply for another year. Something to think about though.

Any other ideas?