Sunday, March 14, 2010


You would think that living on the 12th floor of an apartment building, we would be safe from flooding. But, you'd be wrong.

Last night we had our apartment flooded for the third time in two years - twice in the past month. How is the possible, you might ask? The boiler room is located right above our living/dining room area and storage closet. And, apparently, the boiler sucks and they refuse to fix it..

I woke up at about 2:30am to the sound of dripping water. Reminded of what happened about a month ago, I went to the living room to investigate. Sure enough, the sound of running water was coming from the ceiling.

I woke up DH, and by the time we went back into the living room, water was dripping down the walls. We opened the door to the storage room and the carpet was already soaked. We quickly moved everything in the area to the spare bedroom, and pushed all the furniture to the other side of the room.

From time to time, the water would crack through the ceiling or wall, causing something of a miniature water fall. We tried to catch the water in various buckets and bowls, but it wasn't enough.

DH noticed at one point that water was coming down the light socket/bulb in the storage closet. Thinking it's not a good idea to be standing in a pool of water while that was going on, he turned off the light (he didn't want the headline "Physicist Electrocuted" in the papers the next morning).

I called the emergency number at about 3am, and they did come and turn the water off. So, at least the leaking pretty much stopped before we went back to bed. Of course, there is no hot water this morning, and our place smells like...well...water soaked carpet and drywall. They have steam-cleaned our carpets (and took out another 60L of water --- same amount as last time).

I'm so glad I woke up when I did, or a lot of our things (including a valuable painting we bought on our honeymoon) would have been destroyed. We are getting pretty tired of this, and are so happy to be moving to our house in just over 5 weeks. This is absolutely ridiculous.