Monday, March 1, 2010

And the Torch Goes Out

I don't know what it is about the Olympics, but it is always so emotional. I get all wrapped up in the national pride we feel when one of our athletes wins a medal (or doesn't and think they have disappointed the country). I get teary-eyed during the mini-documentaries they show throughout the games, during some commercials, and definitely when they extinguish the torch.

It's amazing what the Olympics does to us as individuals, nations, and the world as a whole. It is just such a positive and moving experience to be a part of (even if that means watching from your couch). Not only do I feel pride when Canadian athletes do well, but it's also fun to watch all the medal winners...no...all athletes. To see all of their hard work over the past four years pay off, and to see what pure happiness looks like. It's amazing to see how sports can bring the whole world together.

Canada went into the games expecting to "Own the Podium". And while we didn't top the medal standings (kudos to the USA!!), we did some unimaginable things. We finally got the first gold medal on Canadian soil - and then 13 more. In fact, we have broken the record for number of gold medals by any country in any winter Olympics. That's pretty good, I think!

Some of my favorite moments (just to name a few - there were so many):
- Alexandre Bilodeau winning the first gold for Canada
- Watching Christine Nesbitt win gold with the members of the Earth Sciences department (where her dad works)
- Petra Majdic winning a bronze medal in cross-country skiing with broken ribs and a punctured lung
- Watching Apolo Ohno pass from behind so many times to win three more medals
- Jon Montgomery drinking a pitcher of beer in Whistler
- Kevin Martin and his team going 11-0 in men's curling
- Sid the Kid scoring the game-winning goal in the hockey gold medal game

But, my favorite thing of the whole games was watching Canadians show their pride. Hearing the fans sing "Oh Canada" at the curling matches or seeing everyone wave their flags in the streets just made me feel so happy to be a Canadian. Not often do we show our national pride like that, but it doesn't mean it's not there. We just needed a really good excuse to bring it out.

Congratulations Canada for such a wonderful, successful, Olympic games!

PS: I did finish my blanket for the knitting Olympics! I will be posting about it soon.