Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why we blog

There's been a lot of crap going down in the blogosphere lately about why bloggers blog, what we get out of it, who should be allowed to comment and how, and everything else you can possibly think of (go here for a summary)

Apparently this all stemmed from a post over at the Nature Network. Since I have a blog over there, you'd think I would know about it, but I sure don't! I had to rely on links on other posts to figure out what has happened.

In any case, to have everyone kiss and make up, Steffi Suhr (from the NN) asks the following:

What made you start blogging?
Initially, I started a blog when I moved to London (Ontario) to start my PhD. It was more for family and friends to keep up with the goings-on in my life. It lasted a few months, but quietly died. A year or so later, I had started a new one (this one), but wasn't really sure what my direction was going to be. I attended a conference where the women all got together for lunch. At that meeting, they discussed their blog, and it hit me that I should talk about my life as a female PhD student in astronomy. Of course, it has evolved over time, but that is still the driving force behind this blog.

Is a sense of community an important part of blogging for you, or do you prefer blogging 'solo'?
This is an odd question - I like to blog (write) on my own. Even on my Nature Network blog, I don't feel like I'm partnering with the other bloggers. It's more like each blog stands on its own. However, I do like the sense of community I get from regularly reading other blogs, and having people regularly comment on my blog.

Are there blogs you never look at? If yes, why (be nice and don't name names)?
Of course! There is not enough time in the day to read every single blog out there that is applicable to me (not just science, but TTC, decorating, knitting, swimming, fashion, etc. etc.). When I first started reading blogs I made a huge list, and now have pruned it down to the blogs I really love to read regularly (i.e., every new post). I do add blogs from time to time, but not too many.

Who are you blogging for/who are you talking to?
I blog for my offline family and friends, and for my science & TTC network of online friends. I do take into consideration the likes and dislikes of these groups when I think about topics to write about.

Do you think you may be getting people exposed to some science through your blog who otherwise wouldn't be?
I think on this blog, yes. Mostly because not all of my readers are scientists. So, I think those people wouldn't necessarily read about that kind of stuff if it wasn't on this blog. However, I don't write about science a ton on this blog - more about my experiences with my jobs and such.

Do you think any non-blogger cares about any of the above things?
I doubt it! I'm sure my non-blogger friends are thinking why the hell are there "feuds" going on between bloggers! LOL