Monday, February 1, 2010

Vacation Planning

It seems that January/February is the time where DH and I like to plan vacations for the year. My guess it's because of the crappy weather - we just want to plan stuff to look forward too after we get through another winter.

We've decided we're going to do a 2-week road trip to the Maritime provinces this summer! I've been there before (but I was 10) and DH hasn't been further east than Toronto, so it will be something new for both of us! We plan to stop in Montreal on the way, and then spend about 10 days driving around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and (hopefully) Newfoundland. Then, on our way back, we hope to stop in Quebec City.

Next year we'd like to do another road trip, but this time go down the east coast of the USA - Boston, Philly, Washington, etc.. We've both been to a few of these places, but not for any length of time. So, it would be nice to take two weeks to tour around the area.

The year after, DH will have a conference in Australia, so we hope to take advantage of that!

Of course, this will all be dependent on many things (mostly if/when we have kids), but that's our plan for now! I'm so looking forward to it all!