Friday, February 5, 2010

SuperBowl Menu

I love SuperBowl Sunday. It's honestly my favorite day of the year. Some look forward to Christmas, some to their birthday, but SuperBowl Sunday is what I live for.

I love the 6-8 hours of pre-game, where they get people like Morgan Freeman to narrate amazing mash-ups and previews. I love the analysis, I love the interviews, I (of course) love the game, and best of all, I love this:

Fig. 1: First course of the 2009 SuperBowl spread.

Yup. This is the one day a year where it's perfectly acceptable, and even expected, to eat as much junk food as humanly possible. All...day...long. I start thinking about what I want on the menu weeks in advance, making sure there is the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and sour. It's imperative to have a veggie and/or fruit platter in there to cleanse the palate between gorging on Peanut M&Ms, rippled chips with a sour-cream based dip, nachos, chicken wings, and bite-size lemon tarts.

This year, I was thinking about doing a gourmet SuperBowl spread - creating wonderful things like beef sliders, tandoori chicken kabobs, home-made onion rings, stuffed mushroom caps, and mini cheesecakes. But, since we're buying a house this summer, I felt that I should wait until next year, where we can have a proper SuperBowl party, with a big screen TV and, you know...other people.

Yup - that's right. DH and I celebrate SuperBowl and eat the celebratory snacks all on our own. My guess is that we do it because it's, in fact, pretty embarrassing how much food we have on the table. But, it's also one of our favorite traditions, and have done it each year since we started dating. So, in order for us to feel closer as a couple, we need to do this. You see?

Happy SuperBowl weekend, everyone!