Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

On Valentine's Day last year, I listed some of the reasons why I love my DH. Here are a few of the things he has done in the past year that made me fall even more deeply in love with him.

He put up with all my freaking out about finishing my PhD. He even would have been supportive of me if I had dropped out, even with just a few months to go. I dedicated my thesis to him because, in all honesty, I would not have finished if it wasn't for him.

He did everything but carry me up the Inca Trail. I had such a hard time with that 4-day hike: from the tents to the toilets, and the annoying people to not being able to eat, he stuck by me and helped me every step of the way. There's no way in hell I'd ever do something like that again but, if I had too, there's no one else I'd rather do it with (he might think otherwise).

He is a proud husband and will be an amazing dad. He has proven over and over again that he will (and has) put family first, all while doing his very best to provide for us. He has helped me pay off my debt - something I would have never been able to do (in this short of time) without him.

He was my legs to stand on when I felt I didn't have any. I have never felt so loved or so supported than when we were going through the miscarriage in December. He knew the exact right things to say or do to make it okay for me to feel my grief, pain, frustration, and anger - but also allowed us to smile and laugh. Even though that was a tragic experience, I believe our marriage is infinitely stronger because of it.

Happy Valentine's Day, DH!