Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exercise Update

Since the new year, I've managed to keep up a workout routine that includes "being active" four times per week. I'm actually quite impressed with myself for keeping it up this long.

There are 4-5 activities that I cycle through: Wii Fit, swimming, spinning class, and solo cardio exercise (either on the elliptical or stair-master). I really enjoy swimming and spinning the most, while Wii Fit is fun (but not as hard of a workout). I don't mind using the cardio equipment, as long as I am listening to some really great music.

Even though it's been a month, I haven't really seen any results yet. I am definitely feeling better though, so that matters a lot to me. However, it would sure be nice if I could see a difference. DH claims that I look thinner, but I think he's just saying that to make me feel better. In any case, the fact that I'm not really losing any weight means my diet needs some work. Don't worry - I'm not going on a diet (yuck!!)! I just need to watch what I'm eating a bit more closely.

I hope that I can continue to keep up this regime (if you can even call it that). I figure, since I'm only working four days a week, I really don't have any excuses. Especially since I feel so much better about myself since starting.

Any tips for healthier eating? I think we eat pretty healthy, but I know I tend to snack a lot on the weekends (and maybe I was doing that while at home, so now that I'm at work that will be reduced?).