Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swimming: The Verdict

It's frickin' AWESOME!!!

Seriously. I sometimes feel like I might cry from happiness when I think about it. I was actually smiling while I was swimming.

Yesterday was the first time I've been swimming since...I don't even know when. I mean, I've been in pools/lakes/oceans/etc., but not specifically for swimming.

Armed with the advice of my amazing readers, I sauntered over to the pool in my apartment complex. After some confusion about how to get in to the building (I didn't realize I needed a swipe card, and then mine didn't work so I had to get our extra one), I found that I was the only one in there. So, I took off my sweatpants and sweater, and walked down the steps into the water.

I immediately felt at home. I had completely forgotten how much I love to just be in the water. I did a couple of laps using my not-so-professional version of the front crawl, and had to rest because I was so tired! I tried a bunch of different strokes, and decided my favorite is the backstroke (while keeping my arms underwater).

I swam around, did some running, and just puttered around enjoying myself. By the time I looked at the clock, 45 minutes had gone by, and I had no inclination to get out of the pool. This is definitely something I can see myself doing on a regular basis.

Hmm...do you think I could convince DH that we require a pool when we buy a house?