Monday, January 18, 2010

My Get-Fit Hump

For the past two weeks I've been working out regularly (four times a week) and eating healthier. I felt great the first few days, but now that feeling is lost.

This is what I call my get-fit hump: I'm still being healthy, but I don't see any instantaneous results, so I start feeling like crap about myself. Since I'm feeling crappy and nothing good is coming from all the work, I want to stop going to the gym and start eating as much junk food as humanly possible.

So far I've managed to (mostly) hold off these cravings (I broke down one day last week and ate a bunch of chocolate chips right out of the bag, and proceeded to have a huge stomach ache). I want to get over the hump this time, if only to see what will happen if I make it. I'm 30, damnit, it's time to care about my physical health.

Any tips for keeping the motivation up even though there are no obvious results?