Monday, October 19, 2009


DH and I went shopping this weekend for new cell phones. Well, I was getting a new one, he was getting his first ever (I know!). We went to Best Buy so we could see all the phones for all the carriers, and we were hemming and hawing for probably an hour or so. Then the sales manager told us about this awesome deal on iPhones, so we just had to do it.

I absolutely love it already - it's just so fun to use. There are so many apps though, that I get completely overwhelmed. So, for the iPhone users out there, what are your favorite apps? Any good games that you really enjoy?

One thing I'm looking for in particular is a calorie chart. I've found some, but they are more calorie/activity trackers, and that's not really what I'm looking for. So, if anyone knows of a good one, let me know!

Tomorrow I'm heading off to the DC area for the Women in Astronomy and Space Sciences meeting (but I won't have time to do any touristy stuff - another time!). For more info, see my Nature Network post. I will post an update once I get back (or maybe even during)!