Friday, October 16, 2009


A while back I blogged about wanting to get a tattoo of a particular image (for some reason I can't find the post - did I delete it for some reason?). Since it's been a while since my last tattoo (about 6 years), I wanted to find something to commemorate finishing my PhD. A few months ago, as I was flipping through a book by Carl Sagan, I saw this image:

I immediately knew that comet was going to be my next tattoo. After my defense and our trip to South America, I made an appointment with a tattoo artist at True Love (so named, I believe, because the building used to be a drive-through chapel). She was happy that I knew exactly what I wanted, and after thinking of a few places where we could put it, she suggested the top of the foot, right under the toes. I immediately loved the idea, since the curvature of the comet matched the line of my toes.

I had to wait another month-and-a-half to actually get it (they are apparently really busy!). Here is the final product:

I absolutely love it!! I love the colors, the shape, the shading, and how it fits on my foot. I also love how it represents my PhD very well, without being overly "science-y".

Funny enough, even though I have three other tattoos, I was nervous about how much it would hurt. But, as with the others, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. The only very pinch-y part was the head of the comet, which sits right on that bone below my big toe.

Am I done with tattoos now, with four? I'm not sure! I thought I was done at 1 and 3 (after 2 I knew I wanted another), so one can never tell :)

I'm not the only science blogger that got inked recently - who's next?