Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something PLEASE Happen

Oh my GOD - have you ever had those moments in life where everything just seems to be in limbo, and all you want is just something...ANYTHING...to happen?

That's my...actually, our, life right now. Both DH and I are waiting to hear about a bunch of things, both personal and work-related. We both have papers that are out for review. Mine isn't too bad [it's only been (back) in review for a couple weeks], but DH has a couple that are just going no where (one still says "assigning reviewers" after three months).

There are other things we are waiting to hear on that I'm not at liberty to discuss at this time. I'll just say they are pretty big, and we are getting really, REALLY sick of waiting for news.

Plus, work right now is so...incredibly...boring. I am running code to generate some data to analyze, and it takes a very long time. I'm finding it hard to fill the time (especially since I'm not running two outreach programs anymore). Luckily I'm giving a journal club talk in a couple of weeks, so I can start working on that.

Anyway, sorry for being so crabby. I just want to get out of this limbo we're in and finally get things moving again.