Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Silly, but still annoying

I'm giving a talk at my MSc university when I go to visit next month. They have put my abstract up online, but don't have "Dr." in front of my name. I realize it's silly, and not really a big deal, but it sort of bugs me because all the other speakers listed have "Dr."

I'm kind of tempted to send an email and ask them to change it, but that seems kind of petty. On the other hand...I'm a Dr. damnit! I worked hard for that, and I want people to know - especially in a professional setting.

As for those of you who have requested links to the photo albums - I'll respond when I get home (for some reason I can't send emails from that account on this computer, but can receive them).

UPDATE: A friend of mine at MSc U. let them know about the mistake and it has been changed. Thanks T!