Thursday, August 27, 2009

Right up my alley

Alice over at Sciencewomen posted this link about two great jobs at Northwestern. They sound right up my (interest) alley - researching how women in the sciences make career decisions.

The problem? Well, I certainly don't have a social science background, and I most likely won't be moving to the Chicago area.

I'm stuck right now on how to go about searching for jobs. There are jobs like these that I am so incredibly interested in, but I just don't have the experience or the ability to be in that city.

I hear about people switching career paths all the time - but how does one go from science to social science without additional education (because, honestly, that's the last thing I want to do right now)? And what about working from home/from a different city - do many places do that, or do I have to try and find a job in the city where we move (which is still up in the air at this point)?

Not that social science-y jobs are the only option on the table right now. I'm still interested in science/astronomy outreach, technical writing, teaching,  or even becoming a research assistant. But, I think these issues will arise in general during my job search.

Perhaps it will be easier once I know where we will be. Right now it's frustrating because I feel like I can't search for jobs until we know, and I'm  just twiddling my thumbs, sitting, and waiting.