Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Residual Work

Like many recently crowned PhDs, I seem to have a lot of residual work to do before everything from my thesis is really tied up in a nice package.

The first thing I need to do is give a talk at the conference next week on some new(ish) results. At least this was fairly easy to put together - most of the slides were just taken out of my defense public lecture. It will be my first time presenting as a "Dr.", so it will be interesting to see if I am received differently.

When we return from our trip I will continue to work on the corrections for paper #2. I talked with my supervisor about what we should change and what we should argue about, and it seems like it will be a reasonable amount of work. I would like to get that paper resubmitted by the beginning of September.

I will be giving a departmental colloquium on September 3rd - not on my research stuff, but on the Impostor Syndrome workshop I put together for my teaching course! I am really excited about it, and I hope that it is well attended (and well received). I need to put some slides and handouts together for that.

In mid-September I will be heading back to MSc city to work with my MSc supervisor on finally getting paper #2 from that degree submitted. I will also be giving a talk there (which will basically be my PhD talk). I'm so looking forward to going, since I get to see some very awesome friends too!

In between all of this, we have our trip, DH is scheduled for an interview at the beginning of September (and I hope to go with him so I can check out potential Next City), I will officially start as a post-doc while we wait to see where we will end up, and I will start seriously researching career options and putting together a teaching portfolio.

This is the time DH and I have been waiting for - it will be interesting to see how things are going in a couple of months!