Thursday, July 30, 2009

Researching Careers

Yes - I have spent the last 6 years becoming a "researcher". I'm pretty good at it, I think...and not just in science, but for things in general. If I don't know something, or need to find something, I can usually do a Google search and get something useful eventually.

However, the past couple of days I've tried to start researching career options in education & outreach, and just haven't gotten anywhere! So, if anyone has any advice for how/where to start, I'd be glad to hear it!

Here's what I want to find out about:
- science education research groups/departments in specific geographical areas (of the US)
- science and/or astronomy outreach programs in those same areas
- jobs in science/astronomy education research or outreach in the same areas
- if any places of interest will allow me to telecommute/work from home (i.e., so I wouldn't have to live in the same location)
- information on funding for outreach programs
- what I need to do in order to get into science/astronomy education research

I just feel so lost right now. I know what I'm interested in, and can picture myself doing a variety of things in education & outreach...but I have no idea where to find information on this stuff! Which totally proves to me that grad students are only "trained" for academia - ask me how and where to search for post-docs, and I'd have no problem. Doing something outside academia? I have no clue!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!